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Materials Technologies Research is celebrating 30 Years in Business!

We have been manufacturing carbon fullerenes in the U.S. since 1992! How did we start? In 1992, we formed a successful long-term business research collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings and MER Corp, USA, the first company to ever receive an exclusive license for the commercial production of C60 and C70, working with MTR’s fullerenes.

Over the past 30 years, MTR has become one of the top 10 leading suppliers of nano-structured carbon fullerene products around the globe. Many of the world’s leading research and development laboratories and institutions have relied on MTR for exceptional high-purity product quality, industry knowledge, and vast experience on the market including, IBM, NASA, Bayer, NIST, Kodak, and many more.

We have been playing a pivotal role in the booming nutrition and supplement market with our rich experience and know-how in the production of the unique Highly-Purified SUBLIMED C60, setting us apart from the rest.

MTR currently supplies small and Bulk kilogram quantities of C60, C70, and additional carbon fullerene products to customers worldwide in the fields of anti-aging nutritional supplements, aerospace materials, nanoelectronics, biomedicine, biotechnology, organic solar cells(photovoltaic), organic nanophotonics, cosmetics, ecology, and pharmacology.

We are your one-stop-shop trustworthy partner for all your carbon fullerenes needs, promising high-quality products and outstanding service and support, with highly competitive pricing!

Based on our unique technological methods of synthesis, separation, and purification of the Fullerene products, we are capable of producing a broad spectrum of High Quality Fullerenes and their Derivatives:

High-Purified Sublimed C60 with purity of 99.90+% / 99.95+% / 99.99+%
High Purity Fullerene C70 with purity of 99.0% / 99.50% / 99.90%
Sublimed C70 with purity of 99.0 +% / 99.50 +% / 99.90+%
Endohedral Metallofullerene [email protected]82, [email protected]82
Halogenated Fullerenes: C60Br24, C60Cl6, C60F36, C60Cl24, C60Cl30
Water soluble C60(OH)n ( Fullerenols ) - New Product! – A highly Water-Soluble Metallated form of Fullerenols
Water soluble AminoAcids Derivatives of C60
Organic Functionalization of Fullerenes 
Organic Derivatives of Fullerenes: Fulleropyrrolidines, Methanofullerenes, Aminofullerenes 
/60/PCBM & /70/PCBM  
Carboxylic Acids Derivatives of C60



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