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Fueling Innovation Since 1992: Unveiling Our Carbon 60 Fullerenes Manufacturing Journey

Our legacy traces back to 1992, a pivotal year that marked the genesis of our remarkable journey. A visionary collaboration with MER Corp, USA, the pioneers who secured the world's first-ever exclusive license for the commercial production of Carbon 60 and Carbon 70 fullerenes back in 1990, setting us on a path of scientific exploration. Since that pivotal moment, our partnership with MER Corp has been the bedrock of our journey.

Enter Mitsubishi Corp, Japan, an epitome of innovation. Our partnership with their esteemed Frontier Carbon Corporation and Vitamin C60 Bio-Research Corporation divisions catapulted us into the global arena. Over three decades, MTR has risen to prominence, emerging as a key player among the top 10 global suppliers of nano-structured carbon fullerene products.

Unrivaled Sublimed C60 Purity: Defining the Future of Biomedicine

Introducing Sublimed Carbon 60: It's not just a C60 powder; it's an embodiment of solvent-free purity. Uncompromised by solvents, meticulously designed for the realm of biomedicine. A beacon for nutritional supplements that redefine well-being. At MTR, we've sculpted a narrative that distinguishes us from the crowd.

Global Footprints: Nurturing Success, Seeding Excellence

In the spotlight: MTR. Ltd, our name resonates across the pages of U.S. publications, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. This harmony extends to our alliances with Carbon 60 leading nutritional companies, including C60 Purple Power, FullerLife C60, and C60Labs. When excellence calls, MTR Ltd. answers.

Our tale spans continents: Europe, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia – our global partnerships in biomedicine define MTR's triumphs on the world stage. With Sublimed C60 at the heart of our endeavors, we've cultivated a movement centered around health and vitality through C60 Nutritional Supplements.

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Embark into the Realm of Biomedical Applications with MTR Ltd.'s Expertise.

Step into the world of Biomedical Applications where MTR Ltd. thrives, showcasing the pinnacle of purity with Sublimed C60 and Water-Soluble Fullerenes. Explore the prime domains where our Sublimed C60 has garnered acclaim:

Sublimed C60: Anti-Aging Nutritional Supplement

In 2011, Prof. F. Moussa patented a groundbreaking discovery that the use of the Highest Sublimed C60 purity of 99.98%, supplied by Term USA (using MTR’s Sublimed C60) doubled the lifespan of Mammals.

Prof. Fathi Moussa C60 Fullerene patents and articles dates to 2005, confirming in his research that the highest purity fullerene C60 99.98% (Sublimed C60) for medical application, has neither acute or chronic toxicity in living organisms, from bacteria to human leukocytes, mice, rats, and pigs and has been proven to have a powerful antioxidant activity in “VIVO”.

Sublimed C60: Strong Anti-Aging Antioxidant

SUBLIMED C60 CarboxyFullerene emerges as a robust antioxidant and mitochondrial catalyst, extending mammal and animals lifespan and enhancing cognitive capacities. A beacon of anti-aging potential, it transcends to become an essential nutritional supplement for vitality.

Sublimed C60: Anti-Aging Optics

In the optics realm, Sublimed C60 shines brightly. Its advantages encompass improved vision, cognitive enhancement, hormonal equilibrium, and an anti-aging aura for delicate eye skin.

MTR Ltd.’s has been helping companies around the globe, including TESLA Hyper-light Eyewear to produce Nano-photonic soft and hard lenses with the highest purity of the Sublimed C60 and Water Soluble C60. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!

Sublimed C60: Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetic formulations enriched with Sublimed Fullerene C60 unveil a shield against free radical oxidation in human skin. A protective cocoon combating visible and UV irradiation emerges, preserving skin's allure.

Sublimed C60 Derivatives: PHARMA Industry

Sublimed C60 Derivatives showcase remarkable anti-tumor activity in “VIVO” and potent neuro-protection against disorders like Parkinson’s. Their impact reverberates as they stand strong against neurodegenerative challenges.

Sublimed C60: Nanowhiskers

Nanowhiskers is a novel fiber biocompatible material with low cytotoxicity for application in biosensors preparation, drug delivery, and diagnosis/ treatment of the heart, lung, cancer, and blood diseases. Sublimed C60 has a significant effect on the cytotoxicity and gene expression health of nanowhiskers.

A New Horizon in Cosmetology with MTR’S Highly Water-Soluble Fullerenes C60 (>> 100g/L)

MTR’s Highly Water-Soluble Fullerene, specifically Polyhydroxy Fullerenes (PHFs) C60(OH)n(n=40-44) are novel, safe, stable, biocompatible, and powerful antioxidants with the highest radical scavenging activity, offering a gateway to the next-generation creams, including sunscreen with superior UV protection.

Radiant Biomedicine: Gd-Endo Metallofullerenes (Gd – EMFs)

Gd – EMFs and their water-soluble derivatives are a new generation of a novel type of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) contrast agents used in “VIVO”, with a high biological safety and effective anti-oxidant and anti-tumor properties,including the Neutron Capture Therapy, a powerful method in Frontier Radio Therapy, amplifying the battle against tumors.



Back in 2011, a revolutionary PATENT shook the industry – Sublimed C60 with a purity of 99.98% doubled mammal lifespans. Today, it stands as the unparalleled pinnacle of excellence within the Nutritional Supplement Industry.

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