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Organic Functionalization of Fullerenes

Water soluble Fullerene Derivatives exhibit a number of exciting biological activities that attracted attention of many research groups around the world. Intensive studies resulted in the discovering antiviral, antitumor, antimicrobacterial and antioxigenyc effects of the C60 derivatives.

As a result, the new series of AminoAcids and Peptide Derivatives of C60 possessing well pronounced membranotropic, antioxidant,antiviral and immunomodulating properties was designed.

We offer the sodium salt of Aminocapronic acid (1) and Aminobutyric Acid (2) which are very soluble in the water ( >50mg/ml ) and exhibit a strong anti - HIV and adjuvant activity:
  1. C60(H) NH ( CH2 )5 COO Na
  2. C60(H) NH ( CH2 )3 COO Na
Please contact us regarding of the minimum order, price, delivery terms etc.

Also we can offer the Water soluble C60 Derivatives with many another AminoAcids: Gly, Ala, Ser, Pro, Arg etc.


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Application of MTR’s Fullerenes

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